Wednesday, 8 April 2009


If I get a day off work sometime soon, I'll do some editing and get some more fiction up.

I'm busy.

Miss you all loads.

Oh! And I'm 21 now! :-D Officially now an adult, as of the 28th March :D

My birthday wasn't all so good, I had pneumonia, so wasn't feeling all that up to celebrating. Had a few little parties with different groups of friends since though, and it's been good. My Pixie and Becky looked after me on the actual day, and despite the illness, I did enjoy spending the day with them both. Even if me and Zowie did sleep in till 3.30 pm ;-)

Anyway, I have to get off to work now, Got a pub to clean and completely stock up. And an awful lot of P.O.S to put up.


Kay xxx