Thursday, 2 July 2009


For someone. He'll be here soon. But I thought I'd update whilst I'm waiting.

Suffice to say I have little exciting to say. I have a new job (yay, go me!) which I start next friday. Looking forward to it. I'm bored of the house.

It's been unbearably hot here the last 4 days, as such I have been hiding indoors, enjoying the industrial fan my step dad bought. It's like an aeroplane propeller. Really. Seems a shame to waste the sunshine when my Tan is nowhere near as developed as I want, but I honestly can't lie out there for more than 5 minutes without ending up drenched in sweat and uncomfortable, and that does not sound much like fun to me.

I'm a little worried about two of my online writing buddies. They both have negative log entries, referring to close friends. I worry that they are referring to each other, ehich would mean that their friendship has come to an end. That would be very sad. Very very sad indeed.

Even if they are not writing about each other, they are still obviously having a hard time with something or other. So, if you guys are reading this (you'll know who you are) big hugs for you both.

He's not here yet, but I'm out of things to say.

Kay xxx